Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The WishesNetwork EAS scenarios that sucked.

Note: This was originally going to be out on 10 Jan 2020, however, the news of Neil Peart's death kinda gummed to works here. 

As some of you would know, I had a two-and-a-half-year run doing EAS scenarios on YouTube. In my first half-year, I refer it to season one. Then the following two years as season 2 and 3. Seasoned ones EAS vids were mostly short, not going past the 10-minute mark. It wasn't until Power Failure / Prison Break where I made them long-form. In today's blog posting, We (or actually just I) we'll discuss those piss-poor EAS scenarios I made.

NORAD System Malfunction (season one)

As of 9 January 2020, this one has surpassed 1,200 views and the number of thumbs downs is quite close to the number of thumb ups. With this one, I tried to be serious while being funny at the end, one commenter said my attempt at being funny sucked and I have to agree. And this scenario, to automated missile silos, launches missiles due to a computer malfunction at NORAD. The Department of Defense sends F-16s to shoot missiles at the missiles from the launch facilities and destroying them. The mission is successful and the EAS voice says you can change your underwear now. I received a few comments that what happens in the scenario isn't realistic. In conclusion, this one doesn't get the WishesNetwork stamp of approval.

Weeds Season 3 Finale (season two)

One of the things I wanted to do was that each last scenario of a season would be a flow blown comedy scenario. I did that with Soundboard Hack at the end of season one. I'm a big fan of the now-defunct show Weeds that ran from 2005 to 2012. I, trying to be funny again, decided to go for a scenario involving weeds. This one is based in 2007 and it features the late father of Rod Cambridge. Realistically, I took Rod's voice and knocked the pitch down. It also had audio clips of season 3, including Kevin Nealon playing the banjo. I voiced deal Gilly who sounds like a damn moron. What a lot of folks were expecting part 3 of The Toxic Spill / Zombies scenario, in which I put that out a month later. Another bummer for this scenario was when I was about finished with it, the Paradise Fire happened. Perhaps I shouldn't have put this one out. People ain't digging this one, it has less than a thousand views as of this blog posting.

Great Lakes Bomber (season three)

New Year's Day 2019 was supposed to start with Toxic Spill / Zombies 3, but I put it out on 20th December 2018 as a Christmas gift. Great Lakes Bomber was my attempt to make an EAS scenario combined with an FBI Files type deal, and boy, I didn't do too good with this. This one features quite a few phone calls and an interrogation scene in audio-only where I play the suspect getting pistol-whipped by a female character voiced by a computer. I also provide the voice of a female character and I do a piss-poor job of that too. I was working on this beginning in February 2019 and it took a little too long due to some events going on in April / May of that year. Perhaps I should have tossed this one into the trash.

Neil Peart (1952-2020)

Over on YouTube, on the same day as the news of Neil Peart's death, I didn't have all the time in the world to make a post about the subject at hand. When I had some time, I made a YouTube video:

So now, I have a little time to make a post of the late Mr. Peart. Like I said in the video, I became a fan of Rush when I was 10 in 1992. When I had sat shotgun in my aunt's car, WCSX, one of the few (at the time) classic rock station would be playing. I became a fan of Journey, later a fan of Boston and Rush. The first song I heard from Rush was Closer To The Heart and I thought it was a woman singing the song. Later to hear Tom Sawyer and I noticed it was a man with a high pitched voice. I thought Rush was at least a 5-piece band and later was amazed that Rush was actually a trio.

At the end of the 4th grade, I got the news that I would be going to a regular class instead of Special Ed (I commonly refer to a regular class as General Population). In the summer of 1993, I discovered Stone Temple Pilots "Plush" and my love for Journey took a back seat. I became a fan of STP, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains. When I got to 5th grade, loving all these grunge bands got me popular in school, somewhat. With all my "grunge" fans, I tried to get them interested in Journey, but they weren't biting. If you asked me in the summer of 1993 if Rush was still around, I'd say they weren't. Then one of my friends said, "Hey, did you hear the new Rush album?" Which at the time was Counterparts. Rush was still around and was still approachable to the grunge crowd. I remember seeing the "Stick It Out" video and seeing how the three guys of Rush looked like regular guys in their 50s (I thought they were in their 50s, but all three of them were just stepping Over The Hill at the time). I thought it was very cool that these guys who look like bankers are rocking and rolling.

From 1993 to 1998, I began to slowly buy albums of Rush, and when I got to Signals, it blew me away and Rush has become my favorite band since 1998.  My favorite era of Rush is their 80s stuff, going from Moving Pictures to Presto. Of course, Permanent Waves was released in 1980 and it's a good album, it sounds more 70s to me (it was recorded in 1979). I like keyboards and synths, so when they used more of it in the 80s, it became more of my liking. I've seen Rush 7 times, wish I saw them more.

Anyways, I could talk forever about Rush but I'll make this the last paragraph. It's a bummer that we lost Neil Peart and I must live life without him in this sick world (sometimes I wish I wasn't in this world, April/May 2019 was a good example). 

Friday, January 3, 2020

Visiting The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame / The Christmas Story House

Between Christmas and New Year's, I take a day trip usually to the thumb area of Michigan. I also usually do this during summer shutdown until 2019 when I got promoted at my job and I didn't see time off during the shutdown. The Only Exception besides this one was I went to Muskegon to visit my brother and my new nephew who was born in October 2018. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to me is a joke. One of the big pioneers of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is Rolling Stone magazine. Back when I was in my preteen too early teenage years, I would read Rolling Stone magazine as it would have news and interviews of some of my favorite grunge bands out there. I began to lose interest, mainly due to more political articles they had on there.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame cost $26 for an adult to enter. They also have a restaurant there that serves craft beer. They didn't have any Angry Orchard so I wasn't interested. The building has four levels with the basement level having a majority of the artifacts. It mainly starts with the 40s and 50s music and you eventually get to the 90s. One exception though, in the Elvis area, there was a separate room dedicated to the former Vans Warped World Tour. That's where I got the news that the tour ended in 2018. Kind of wish I attended one of those now, too late! Since I'm not a big fan of most music before 1970, I passed through the beginning arrows displays rather quickly. My least favorite genre of music is surf rock, that music makes me depressed.

In one section of the basement (as I call it), they had a wall dedicated to the Beatles and on the other wall, the Rolling Stones. I took an interest in the following:

Also, in the basement were some touch screen computers with information on one-hit wonders, hits from the 50s to the 90s and also legendary radio DJs from the 50s to mm by major city. With Detroit in the 1990s, it showed Big Daddy Arthur P who was with WRIF from 1971 - 2009. It also showed Terry "Motormouth" Young. He was in the Detroit area from the mid-80s until 1991 or 1982. He was a part of the fox 99.5 which played pop hits all the way until Christmas Eve 1992. On that day, did there's some special about killing the fox and it ended with a scary computer voice countdown from 63,752 to 1. About a week later, the station went to talk for a few months. After that, it went to country where it remains as of late December 2019. Apparently, Terry young is a part of Sirius XM on the 60s Channel now.

After the radio info screen, I advanced further into the basement to see an 80s rock and metal section and also a Grunge music section. Although looking at some of the stuff from the 60s was good, I felt a little more at home.

Also, in the basement was a small movie theater presenting a 30-minute documentary about American Bandstand. At first, I was thinking about Michael Moore when he confronted Dick Clark in Bowling for Columbine, the next his final Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin’ Eve.

American Bandstand started somewhere in the early 50s and ended when I was 7 (in 1989). Although I'm not a big fan of the 50s 60s and early 70s music (as they showed that in the beginning), it was very interesting to see all that. I got more interested in the 1980s previews on that movie though. Been getting a little repetitive with my love for 80s music, eh? Fast-forwarding a little bit, before I left the basement, I saw the Sirius XM broadcasting room for Rachel Steele broadcast on weekdays 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. on channel 25. She happened to be on vacation that day. Bummer, I wanted to see that in action.

The second story had The Garage where one can practice on the guitar, bass or drums. There happened to be some young musicians at the other end of the garage playing Enter Sandman by Metallica. The third story had a display for the 2019 entries of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Two personal favorites are Stevie Nicks and Def Leppard. Other "sort-of" favorites are Radiohead and Roxy Music. Radiohead is one of those bands I should listen to do to my enjoyment of psychedelic Rock, but all I can do is Creep. With Roxy Music, all I know is more than this, a very good track from Vice City and a minor hit called Avalon. I also got to vote for candidates for 2020. However, I think Rolling Stones will take their own picks regardless.

I had to get a picture of me and Rush. Sadly didn't get Neil though.

Let's go to The Christmas Story House, shall we? I left the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after being in there for 2 and 1/2 hours. I walked around Cleveland for a while and later searched for some Mediterranean food. Google lead me to a place that was closing at 3 pm. I got there at 2:20 to see a closed at 2 p.m., with two written over three on their holiday hours sign. I took an Uber to the Christmas Story House Dulce free parking was available at Bumpas' house, Motherfuker!

One had to buy a ticket at the gift shop. The line was about 20 minutes long and the clerk who sold me the ticket it seemed pissed off. I got to go inside and view the house and took some photos.

Then some of the upstairs, I got to visit Ralphie and Randy's room. Visited the bathroom too with Ralphie's Journal, don't forget to drink your Ovaltine. I also got to use the phone too...

And the backyard, waiting for Black Bart.

The museum across the street was more like a behind-the-scenes look to the movie, with photos and letters from 1983.

I took an Uber back to downtown but stopping at Buffalo Wild Wings first. I was hoping that somebody was sitting at the bar, I wanted to have a chat with a Clevelander. Instead, I chatted with the female server with a lip piercing. We didn't say much to each other. I said that I was from Detroit. She asked if I was going anywhere else after this, I said I was taking a scenic route back home. After I was done with my late lunch, I thought about going for a ride on the trolley. Is stopped a block away from me, I tried to walk quickly to it but it drove off, damn. I walked back to my parked car and took off on State Route 2, which also becomes State Route 20 and US Highway 6. I stopped at Huntington Beach to enjoy some of the unusually warm weather on December 26th.

I kept traveling down U.S. Highway 6, (State routes 2 and 20 split off) and passed by Avon Lake, Sheffield Lake, Lorain, Vermilion, and Huron. Route 6 was nice for a 40 mile per hour ride without people really slowing down or stopping. Unlike in Macomb County Michigan, people so down for no reason or drive under the speed limit most times and not. I eventually ran into State Route 2 and took it all the way to Oregon, Ohio. A town I pass by on route to was Bono. When I passed it up, it didn't look like a happening type of place. Heck, there is a small sign that shows the town name. But according to Google, the bar is a pretty happening place. During this whole time, I was driving on Route 2, I was able to drive study with no slow down when the road was going straight. Route 2 does have some twists and turns where you have to slow down. I've been on Michigan country roads where they are paved smoothly with hardly any twists and turns. And for some reason, drivers slow down for no reason or drive 10 miles under the speed limit.

I arrived to the Golden Corridor area where I live, and of course, somebody on Hall Road at a stale green light hits the brakes. Seems that Ohio drivers are better than us Michiganders.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Rochester Xmas Parade

For those who are familiar with the WishesNetwork channel (on its way to being deleted off of YouTube), some would know I live in the Greater Detroit area, particularly in Macomb County. Outside of Macomb, there are two cities, Rochester Hills and Rochester. Rochester has a thriving downtown area with many shops, bars and also trails. You like biking trails? Rochester has two, the Clinton River Trail and the Paint Creek Trail. On the second Sunday of December, Rochester has its annual Christmas parade. I've been to it from 2013 through 2017 and I also went there when I was 7 in 1989. Back in 1989, I wanted a red balloon but they ran out of those, I was pissing and moaning about it through half of the parade. Apologies to my family for that one.

For the 2019 Christmas parade, I didn't take any pictures, so some of these photos are from the 2016 parade, and a few I borrowed. The parade usually starts at 2 p.m., and I and a friend arrived shortly before noon. Our bar hopping Adventure started at Rochester Mills. I have been to Rochester Mills plenty of times before and the bar has a band playing most Fridays and Saturdays. The place is also pricey for their alcohol. My friend had a Bloody Mary and I had Blake's Hard Cider and a shot of Jose Cuervo, cost us 30 bucks.

We next went to City Tavern, which was formerly Mister B's. The transition happened the same year of this posting, 2019. It's a bummer because I like Mister B's. It had that 90s Vibe, and I enjoyed many good personal pan pizzas there. I had a coffee and alcohol mix.

Another place that went under in downtown Rochester is the Paint Creek Tavern. The folks who owned the building also bought O'Shea's BBQ which is next door inside a plaza next door. O'Shea's BBQ, although open, was still being renovated at the time. The kitchen wasn't open yet, so any food was strictly appetizers. When I was at Paint Creek Tavern two years back, they were serving hot chocolate mixed with alcohol, O'Shea's was doing the same this time around. All three places that we went to had holiday music playing. Back in my good old loser days from 2007 to 2008, I was working as a dishwasher/busser at my aunt's restaurant during the holidays. The radio would be tuned to WNIC which usually goes all holidays in early November. They have been ripped on by some local critics a few years back. Besides being annoyed by WNIC going all-in for the holidays, they barely played the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, that's some bullshit there. After O'Shea's, we walked to the 4th Street and Main intersection where is the announcer booth was set up. Some local and state politicians were among the first in line. Next up where the high school marching bands. They have the whole thing here on YouTube, take a look:

Just shortly before the end, we decided to get some food. We went to the Rochester Chop House. This restaurant has two restaurants in one, the other is a pretty damn expensive backdoor steakhouse. I have seen some items on that menu that ranged from $30 to $50, little too much for my "kinda rich" self. In the front is the Chop House, it was one of the smallest restaurants I've seen. Not as small as the now-defunct Shelby Grill in Shelby Township, but quite close. One of the things that makes Rochester so great during the holidays is the big bright light show. We left Rochester before 5 p.m., that's when the lights turned on, so we didn't see them that day. However, I was in downtown Rochester on Black Friday night. Too crowded! The photos of Rochester that day were kind of crappy. So here are some photos from 2018:

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Peloton Bike Commerical

From National Review

Well, for our third post on this amazing blog, I was intending to talk about my time at the Rochester Christmas parade, but I'll push that for another time. I also didn't take any photos they're so I'll have to borrow a few. I think most people in the United States know by now, a commercial making people angry has made its way on the social medium. I'm not going to describe the commercial, so I know why it's angering people. The husband buys his skinny wife a Peloton bike and she is enjoying the hell out of it. I suppose some large wives are threatening divorce if the husbands buy this for them at Christmas.

In my preteen to my teenager days, on average, I watch 6 Plus hours of TV on a non-school day, I watched MTV when it was good. The commercials that would annoy the hell out of me back in the day was the 1-800-Collect commercials. Back before when even poor people had cell phones, if you need to call someone on the payphone but didn't have the change, everybody and their mothers know to use 1-800-Collect. The commercials were all over the place in the 90s, then AT&T had their own with 1-800-Call-ATT, with David Arquette in most of the commercials. Then came 10-10-220, where the late George Carlin did one of those. These commercials annoyed my lazy teenage Couch Potato self to no end. I think I spent a little too much time complaining about those commercials when I was 11 to 14 years old.

Going back to the Peloton commercial, I can't see anything in it to get angry about it. I probably won't buy the bike, it's $2400 according to Tom Leykis, and the subscription service for the motivational videos that go along with it costs $20 per month. The complex that I live in has a gym, so I used the equipment there. I just need to get my 197-pound fat ass over there more often than not. Plus I don't like that $20 per month for motivational videos. So, for me, it's highly unlikely that I'll be buying one of these bikes, including the subscription service. There's no offense to the commercial despite the idea that my fat ass has gained some weight, I don't feel personally insulted by the commercial.

If this commercial Premiered 20 years ago, there wouldn't be much of a commotion. I don't want to elaborate too much of my so-called professional life, but the stress of the holidays is getting at some of my co-workers recently. I got quite a few co-workers getting angry at me pretty fast. One could say, they are bringing on the attitude. Last week, on and off of work, I had quite a few people get upset at me for small things and also, I saw a few frowns on the faces of some folks I made eye contact with. I was joking with a friend that the folks who've got pissy or frowned ruthlessly at me (being PC here) are women I don't find attractive or people who are overweight or obese. And I added that they're probably not happy with the Peloton commercial. It's quite sad that there are grown adults getting upset over a commercial. Yes, my Special Ed 11 to 14-year-old self got upset over 1-800-Collect, but I could use an excuse, I was young and in Special Ed. I find it rather interesting that people are getting upset over it. But we live in a hashtag ban ‘fill in the blank’ society, I suppose they can try doing that.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

For the WishesNetwork fans!

On 24 November 2019, I had uploaded a video of my ugly-self telling any interested fans out there that my next to EAS scenarios will likely be my last two. With YouTube's new TOS and also the threat of knocking down channels that aren't “commercially valuable,” it is quite likely that my channel is on the chopping block. YouTube pays quite a lot of money maintaining bandwidth for many vids that aren't making them money. Plus, people also podcast on YouTube. For folks who aren't popular or not so popular (like me) who are uploading vids 30 minutes or more, YouTube is paying. And it looks like they don't want to pay no more.

These new rules begin on 10 December 2019, I don't believe my channel is going to get knocked off the platform by that day, but I imagine it would be getting knocked off later. They will eventually take a look at my channel, see my mediocre number of subscribers and the length of my videos and then press the delete button on my account. Again, I think it's mainly a bandwidth deal. I don't think it's a freedom of speech or political deal. But also, COPPA plays along with this big time. I’m not too familiar with COPPA but the idea of being fined $42,000 for a violation is quite scary. I’m kinda rich but I don’t have $42,000.

Also, YouTube has been trying to be a Netflix. If they want to go to that next level, things have to change. Besides, YouTube doesn't have any obligation to keep me up. Until the WishesNetwork channel meets its doom, I'll keep the vids up and after Supernatural Threat II EAS, it's unlikely I'll continue after that. Unless some deal comes up that intrigues me to continue, you got it. But my best guess is that's not going to happen. For those who still take a liking to me, this here is my blog. It won't be updated on a daily basis, more like a biweekly basis.

This blog will be less of opinions and more of my travels around the Detroit area. Something I haven’t been doing much in the year 2019 is going to concerts. I like going to concerts and local events, so I’ll be doing more of that in the year 2020. I saw Fleetwood Mac on Devil’s Night 2018 with a price of a floor seat at over $250. After that, I thought to myself, let’s try something different. I went to Astronomicon and Michigan Comic-Con and met a few celebs. But I kinda miss the concerts and also seeing some comedians. I’ll be posting my event-goings on this blog.

Also, why in 2019 I made only 3 EAS (soon to be 4) vids? 2019 was a busy year for me and I got promoted. I don’t wish to elaborate on my so-called professional life on here or on YouTube, I’ll say this, I work in the Automotive Industry and do food delivery on the side. But also, in the early to middle months of 2019, some troubles arose, both physical and mental and besides the busy life, I fell on black days (Soundgarden song reference). So, making 40-minute EAS vids took a back seat.

And with YouTube’s new deal (if so it is), making 40-minute EAS vids are going into the trunk.

Robbie T.

PS. I plan on making another “update” vid between the Supernatural Threat two-parter. And also, there will be a domain for this blog coming soon.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Short Welcome

This is a short welcome message for my nice little blog here. Today is the 24th of November and this blog was created due to my lack of creativity and also I got to take a good look at the new YouTube policy. After saying my fifth novel will be my last, the only creative thing I was going to do was make my EAS vids on YouTube. And this afternoon, I saw the new writing on the wall where my channel could be deleted because it isn't so commercially viable. With that being said, the next two EAS vids will probably be my last.

With YouTube, I don't think it's a freedom of speech thing, it's more like a lack of bandwidth deal. It cost YouTube money to keep these videos that don't make the money on their servers and data centers. So, if these small-time YouTubers (like myself) don't make the cash for the company, they are going to delete your vids off of their servers. I'm likely on the chopping block.

I like to be creative (been limiting myself on it lately), so I'll be doing this with the blog. More on the way!