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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Coronavirus Entry #3

Well, some fun things are happening in Michigan and my guesses that folks going apeshit crazy on the identity politics seems to be going true. With my sick little life now, I've been keeping an eye on mainly the local news while watching a small portion of the national news. I'm trying my absolute best not to watch the news so much because it's fucking depressing. But with what has happened last week with the governor of my great state and her executive order on telling the big box stores to not sell non-essential items caught my eye.

Of course, with WishesNetwork, I had tapped on the very idea of identity politics. In Zombies 3 and Alien Attack, I showed the CNN vs. Trump war. With Supernatural Threat, Mr. Carmel's own Josh Skillington blamed the Democratic Party for the demons entering Earth (voiced by me, I was really drinking when I did that). There are quite a few things that played the identity politics card on my vids and any possible upcoming vids (still working on the weather scenario).

Although I poke fun at identity politics, I find them to be annoying for the most part. It's the main reason why I stay away from national news sans PBS. After Trump got elected, the Twitter machine was filled with people bitching about Trump. I look at the feed and it was barely anything that wasn't Trump-related. I check the trending list and there is some hashtag followed by something bad about Trump. My Libertarian-self who voted for Gary Johnson was surprised that Trump won, I thought Clinton was going to win it. And this makes me sound like a Trump supporter, but I found it hilarious that people were crying when Clinton lost.

When Trump got elected, I thought to myself, let's give the guy a chance. He'll likely make the economy great but let's hope he doesn't send us to nuclear doom. I was 50/50 and just before the Coronavirus situation, I was at 40/60 with Trump. There were things he was doing and saying that I didn't agree with, but not to the point where once he tweets, I respond harshly to him. There are people that hate Trump so much, they sit there and wait for that alert on their phone to show up saying Trump tweeted, and they get very angry and respond. Shit, there are people doing this while driving in their cars. They are driving and the alert pops up. They have both hands furiously on the phone calling Trump an asshole while swerving all over the road and driving 10 miles under the speed limit.

Now, in case anybody gives a shit about my thoughts of Trump during this crisis, I was wondering why at first he wasn't taking the virus seriously. When I saw the news in China in January and February, I thought to myself, it will get to the United States. I should stock up on some water and food. And make other preparations. On Monday, March 9th, I had to get my car repaired at the shop which cost me over $500, so I thought, next week, I'll prepare some more. Then on Wednesday, March 11th, that is when Governor Whitmer made the orders. I was later laid-off of my primary job and was told I may return on my birthday March 31st. I doubted that and I was later right.

Now going to Whitmer's executive order that included telling big-box stores not to sell non-essential items, I don't think Whitmer intended to screw with constitutional rights, I think it was due to panic. On April 10th when Governor Whitmer pushed this out, the state of Michigan nearly doubled its Coronavirus death rate from the previous day.


As I said, I don't think Whitmer intended to fuck with people, but with that executive order she put out on April 10th, it does appear that way. I didn't agree with that either. The idea that we can't buy seeds or hardware or a birthday card? That was bullshit and quite draconian, to say the least. I thought that the big box stores (Walmart, Target, Meijer) would fight back against her and win, but so far as of this posting, I haven't seen that yet. It's just fucked up that people can't buy wood for a home repair or can't buy seeds for a gardening project. Most of us are staying put and going stir crazy, we don't need a governor telling us we can't buy these items.

So with all those people who protested at Lansing, I thought that was a good thing to a point of course. The thing I didn't agree with was how people were gathering too close to each other during this protest. I'm not talking about how people inside their cars and trucks protesting, but people too close to each other without masks on. A few or some of those people are going to get sick and a few will die. Then, a few of those folks will likely blame Whitmer. 

Before this crisis, there are quite a few of us getting too angry over identity politics. There are many liberals pointing their fingers in anger at Trump and other elites of the Republican party. And there are many conservatives pointing their fingers in anger at many elites of the Democratic party. It seems like, for conservatives, it's not okay if a democrat elite makes a mistake, but if Trump made that same mistake, that's okay. And it goes for Democrats as well, if Trump says the word bullshit, holy fuckaroni! 

Yes, I'm angry at Whitmer for the executive order and I think Trump is doing a sub-average job with the handling of the Coronavirus situation, including on Tuesday, April 14th where he played that stupid-ass video during the press conference. Also, I didn't agree with Trump appointing Pence as the Coronavirus czar. Prayers don't work.

I like to say to these folks who I mentioned in the previous two paragraphs to take it easy, but I don't think they'll listen to me. It's not the virus I fear the most, it's the people I'm more concerned about. 

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

WishesNetwork Return

I made a 2 minute video on WishesNetwork announcing a temporary comeback. Due to this pandemic, I had been laid-off until it's considered safe to be out and about. With that being said, I'm just doing a part-time job and have more time on my hands to get some of my creative projects done and more time to get certified in a few technologies. I got certified in both Bookkeeping and Excel 2019, looking to get a couple more.

I also stated on the video (well, the text did) that I was considering a one-off later this year and not mentioned was the idea that I'd do two scenarios a year. One scenario I would like to do is a sequel to Alien Attack. I'm thinking of doing that towards the end of the year, we'll see.

Also, I'm not trying to be a total mysterious asshole to my fans out there. In November and December last year, I made two vids with me talking to the camera. I'm not the biggest fan of vlogging, I'd rather do this even though it's so 2000-ish. I also was looking to do a Coronavirus video but balked on that. Wasn't happy with the two attempts I made.

I was told I was laid off at my job on March 19 and they were looking for a return on March 31, my birthday. I was thinking that was unlikely. Then President Trump last week said he was looking to have life return to normal on Easter Sunday. I wanted that to happen, but I knew it was unlikely. On Sunday, he changed his mind. My guess is life will "kinda sorta" go back to normal in mid-May. With that being said, perhaps I can squeeze two EAS scenarios.

That's all for now.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Coronavirus Blog Entry #2

Governor Whitmer had finally called for a "Stay Home, Stay Safe" in effect until April 13. I suppose, for the most part, I'll be at home trying to better myself when I get the inspiration. I finally got this done:

Thanks to my HyperFocus for that one! I'm looking to get Excel certified next.

For the state of Michigan, Governor Whitmer first put an order that restaurants to do carry-out and delivery only. Bars got closed and later, the spas and hair salons got closed after. Today, it was announced that Michigan joined the Stay At Home wave.

When it comes to the possible end of the world or something extreme happening, I knew we would see something. I always thought it was going to be nuclear doom or a civil war. I see quite a few people get pissed off over politics and I thought the US Election 2020 would bring some riots. I never thought it was going to be a virus. Apologies for being repetitive on that via my last post.

Michigan so far has 15 deaths due to the Coronavirus with over 1,000 cases. We also had our first death in Macomb County.

I saw some posting from one of my co-workers that we aren't returning to work until April 14th. Once I come back, I go back to the Assembly Line, I got demoted from Process Tech, damn! I wasn't the only one at my place of employment to get demoted, about 15-20 of us are. My best guess is that we are going into a recession and it'll take a while for the economy to come back. Perhaps later this year, I can go back to Process Tech as opposed to grunt labor that anybody could do.

A few hours ago, the EAS tone rung on my phone with the "Stay Home, Stay Safe" statement. The folks who are here from my WishesNetwork channel would know something about that.

I will post more on the way. I'll try my best not to get injured or go mentally insane, the hospitals near me are full.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Coronavirus Blog Entries Vol. 1 / 11 - 14 March 2020

Yes, I'm aware of this great historic event we are facing. Been handwriting on my little pad of paper and coming up with this. These are not the best of writings, so bear with me:

11 March 2020

As of writing this, it's Wednesday 11, March 2020 at around 7 PM. I'm currently at my job and I'm seeing news alert after news alert on my phone about some college classes cancellations and how the NCAA will have spectator-less games. Reminds me of the Baltimore Orioles game versus the White Sox in the Baltimore riots were happening in 2015.

 Michigan in March, the weather can be quite strange. You would have a 60 degree weather day, then the next day, it snows three inches. In the Detroit area, you can see snowstorms in mid-April. On the one day weekends I get well in a March, Michigan, My days are spent in Rochester or Grosse Pointe.

 As of this time of writing this, I find myself reading the news and leaning towards the idea of sitting in my house this weekend. During mid-march, the family attends a mass and honor three people in my family that passed. These three are my late grandfather, my late Uncle Johnny and my late great Aunt Marie. The last two mentions died two weeks of each other and March 2014. It's Wednesday, and I wonder if my family may cancel this event due to the Coronavirus scares.

In the Detroit area, we have to confirm cases, Oakland County and one in Wayne County, Both persons are middle-aged. Detroit St. Patrick's Day. Parade has been canceled. I say we exercise some paranoia on this, but I don't want to get too paranoid. I'm concerned that a loved one would get the virus, that's my main concern.

When it comes to the United States government, I'm not so trustworthy with them. We, in this country, are divided and it comes as some of us are seriously for Trump or seriously against Trump. Me, I'm 40/60. I strongly disagree with Trump appointing Mike Pence as the Coronavirus czar. My secular self is not entertained by The Man In Charge being a prayer Warrior.

Couple hours later
 While still at work, I listen to the presidential address and heard about the travel restriction to Europe Sans the UK. I didn't hear China, Can we still go there? Bad joke, Yes. Just before this address, I found myself thinking about the scenario of me getting sick of the coronavirus at work. If I do get sick, I hope it's not at work, but that would be my best bet. I haven't read the info yet on what I should do if I make it to coronavirus. I'd imagine I will be going to the hospital.

On the later hours of 10 March 2020, Michigan's Governor Gretchen Whitmer made in address about the virus, and in the afternoon hours of 11 March 2020, Mayor Mike Duggan of Detroit made his address. When it comes to Trump's address on possible compensation to businesses and workers like me, I imagine if I got the virus and survive, I'll be out of work for a day or perhaps a lot more. I wouldn't count on getting the government payment right away or very soon after. That might take months. Would the government pay my medical bills too? If so, I would think that would take months as well. It's not an anti-Trump thing I have, I just believe that the government is unreliable.


12 March 2020

 After the last journal entry, the NBA reported that Utah Jazz star player Rudy Gobert got the coronavirus, the NBA cancel that game just before tipoff and also suspended the season for 30 days. Tom Hanks and else via the Twitter machine that he and his wife Rita Wilson got the coronavirus while in Australia, They are expected to be okay.

 I got home to watch CBS News and news is being done from the affiliate in Boston. The reason being is that the New York Office was being clean due to the two employees testing positive for the virus, the same thing this morning.

 I went to lunch with an Uncle and Cousin, expressing our concerns with the coronavirus. He had work events on Saturday that were canceled. When I arrive to work, I kept seeing alert after alert of local and National events being canceled. NHL suspended their season, MLB followed suit, MLS, too. The NCAA canceled altogether, they are not doing the empty arena deal. Well at work, I had a hard sneeze come out of nowhere and quite a few co-workers heard it. They asked me if I was okay (a question I'm getting sick of.), said I was. Chances are good. They are going to stay the hell away from me.

Down Jones went down 2300 points despite the government's help. My portfolio is down to negative 15%. I make a $220 deposit to my brokerage account and I will still continue to invest despite the problems. Aurora cannabis went down to $0.71. AT&T and Cisco are dropping and I'm going to buy. I also might start buying more of the Moderate Mix to continue with my defensive investing, that or VGIT. VGIT pays monthly at around $0.10 per share. I haven't decided yet.

 I was telling my uncle that I had some concern over the coronavirus, but I was more concerned about the possible infection of my older friends and family members. I hope my family members and friends over 60 will not get the virus. When it comes to the news, I get alerts from CNBC, Yahoo, Sports and Finance and ClickOnDetroit. I prefer not any of the big three (CNN, MSNBC, and Fox). The first two mentions will be pointing out President Trump's flaws. Again, I'm 40/60 with Trump, but I don't want to watch some Channel bitching about him 24/7. I also want to stay the hell away from YouTube comment sections on the US news about this virus. There's always some assholes blaming a political party for what happens. Especially the news in Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. That coronavirus will get to a few or some of the homeless population. It's just a matter of time. And there will be people saying that Liberals are responsible for that problem. Truth be told, those cities are on the liberal side. But I don't think getting angry about identity politics is the right answer. Donald Trump, maaaaaan!

With all these pro league suspending games XFL included now, I think it's more of a lawsuit thing. If they bring ten to twenty thousand people to a game with a few folks infected with the virus, others will get sick and a few would die. The franchise in question would be in deep shit. We are living in a time where people have no problem filing lawsuits. I haven't heard about the semi-pro FPHL, but they play their games mostly on weekends. I'm guessing they will suspend games too. If all is well on 29th March 2020, I want to see the Port Huron Prowlers at one of their final games of the season. Right now, it seems unlikely.


13th March 2020

 Trying my best not to watch the news, In fact, I think I'll try it's much less and watch some baseball movies. I already did Little Big League and I think I'll go to The Sandlot next. I went to Dollar General attempting to buy some sanitation wipes for work. Sadly, they were all gone. I didn't see a roll of toilet paper in that mofo and only a few rolls of paper towels were available. It's very funny to see suburban overweight housewives who think they are really important running through the stores to grab all the TP in the world. If you have a family of 5 and they all get the coronavirus and survive, I don't think you'll need 10,000 fucking rolls of toilet paper.

 My friend and I dined at a Chinese restaurant just before heading to Dollar General, taking our chances. My friends said this virus is a golden opportunity for other countries who are upset at us to attack. That sadly could happen, I didn't think of that. I did have some thoughts about not dining at a Chinese restaurant, but I decided to give it a try. I also found myself thinking about the late George Carlin's fear of germs bit in his 1999 show. I have taken my own precautions still, so I suppose I'm a pussy for that.

At 11 p.m., Governor Whitmer announced the closing of schools for 3 weeks. There's going to be a lot of parents out there who are going to lose their jobs due to this. They can't work due to having to be home with their kids. When she made the announcement, I found myself thinking about if the situation happened in the late 90s. I was at East Detroit High School at the time. My guess is they wouldn't cancel at that time. They were low on money.

Saw on my phone that Macomb County has its first confirmed case of the Coronavirus. This leads the state total with 17. Now. I read that over 1,800 people so far have the corona at 41 have died. If my mathematics serves me correctly, that's around 2.5% of people, less than the world average. So far, I suppose we are doing okay, and all those people who are panicking going to the Dollar General and buying 10000 rolls of toilet paper, wow! However, I still have that fear in my head that I'll wake up one of these mornings and There are suddenly 10,000 more cases of the coronavirus in a single day. At that point, I'd be scared shitless. Also, with that scenario, people are shitting themselves left, right and center. In that case, I shouldn't have been laughing at all those panicky folks. shit, 1000 a day would get me scared.

On the way to work, I was listening to WWJ, Detroit's all-news station, and they stated that China's overall health has improved and most people are returning to work. I found myself thinking that the coronavirus should fade way around mid-April (just a guess), and we can have our normal life back. We'll see.

I took a vacation day Saturday and have Sunday off. Although non-religious, Saturday, I supposed to be attending Mass for my late grandfather, Uncle Johnny and late. Great Aunt Marie. I'm kind of wondering if that is still going on. It's going to be a little cold on Sunday, and I'm debating to just stay home (boring). Or do a few things. Perhaps. I should, if the coronavirus is going to kill me (highly unlikely), might as well enjoy life.


14 March 2020

Haven't been paying attention to the news or how coronavirus is affecting Michigan as of yet, today. Last night, it was 19. At the beginning of the day, I was told by a fellow employee that Sam's Club had no paper towel, toilet paper, and sanitizer and chicken. I want to go to Costco and Monday, but I think I'll just drive over there at 9:50ish and see what's what first. If I see a large number of people hanging around there, I won't go. I don't want to be caught up with a bunch of snobby Shelby and Macomb Township folks on a panic trip.

 I saw an article or two about how 70% of people in China who had the coronavirus has recovered and went to work. I suppose WWJ is right on that, I guess it's our turn to suffer. I try my best not to venture into conspiracy type shit, but I found myself thinking about this being a government-controlled deal. I want to think that the US Government did not cause this situation. I would lean towards the UN for this one. But then again, if the US Government did do this, it wouldn't surprise me. I should go see what Alex Jones says about this. According to Tom Leykis, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity say this coronavirus is a hoax started by the Democrats. If that's the truth, it goes to show how some of our media people are doing their best to divide our country. The Divided States of America.

 After this scare blows over, I do believe you will see something worse around the corner. It may be another disease. Or... Who knows. After the 2016 election, I thought we would see a civil war or Trump possibly sending us to nuclear Doom. Boy, I never thought even virus was going to gum up the works.

Sometime later.

Some bad news of sorts, some local news about a couple of hospitals that are having patients and doctors only. This one Hospital, according to a reliable social media poster, is not allowing visitors. Another hospital has a coronavirus positive person in there and they aren't allowing visitors. I feel sorry for people who are having babies or having heart attacks. Now. It's going to be some troubling times for folks who are in the medical field, doctors and other staff. President Trump had gone under a coronavirus test and according to his doctor, He doesn't have it.

 The family event was supposed to happen this afternoon was canceled. I learned about it Friday night and therefore scrap a vacation day to come into work. I will be working tomorrow at 2. Took a look at the news live from click on Detroit that the total number of positive infections are up to 33 in the state.

Been hearing some rumors that there could be layoffs at the end of this week. When is Coronavirus scare was all over the place on Wednesday, my best guess is that the big three automakers would continue to work until a few people show up to their factories with the virus and a company at hand decides to temporarily pull the plug. We had one at a Chrysler plant in Indiana, but that plant didn't shut down. I think it'll take a few people showing up to the plant with the virus to cause a shutdown. I work for a supplier, so if the plants we supply to shut down, I'm probably getting a temporary layoff.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

My Time At Treehouse

For those who don't know, Treehouse is an online school where For as low as $25 a month, you get access to videos to help you learn programming. I learned JavaScript, PHP, WordPress development, and web development. I learned all that and I'm using Google's blogger to Hostess blog, haha. I was with treehouse on and off starting in 2014 and pulling a plug altogether in 2019. One of the contributing factors was the promotion I received in my so-called professional life. That and I was delivering food part-time. Recently Treehouse had changed his ways. Take a look here.

Treehouse has 3-20 minute videos for its way to teach. For instance, and I might be a bit incorrect with this, but the PHP class I started out with was a total of 4 hours long. It was divided into six sections. Each section would have an average of 4 videos a couple of Q&A and a couple of code challenges. Treehouse gives you points for fishing what they throw at you. You get one point each for videos you watch, 6 for a Q&A finish and 12 points for a coach challenge finished. You also get 30 points for each section you finish. Again, This was a system as of 2019, things may have changed. In my five years on and off at Treehouse, I got over 30,000 points.

I made a few websites during those five years, including a blog about the 80s and 90s music. I also did a blog about old school baseball video games and I did a website for Wishesnetwork. Sadly, all that time having those websites up, I hardly made to her views a month and the numbers just keep decreasing. From 2016 to early 2019, I was paying a yearly fee for domains and a monthly fee for hosting. Sick of losing cash and just overall sick of being creative (sans WishesNetwork until late 2019), I pulled the plug in April 2019.

The lack of website hits is not the fault of Treehouse. I suppose I suck at SCO / advertising or people weren't so interested in it old school baseball games website or an 80s and 90s music website, We have YouTube now. Also, it seems that Wix, GoDaddy, and Squarespace are taking over where development was at. Think about it, You have a business and you need a website these days, more than likely you'll be going to one of these aforementioned three, opposed to a web developer like me who wants more money and need some time to make the website.

This food delivery is not going so well in the southern Macomb County area of Metro Detroit (for Me at least, I'm part-time). I'm looking to return to online school for bookkeeping. Treehouse doesn't offer that. So I'm going through for that kind of help. 

Friday, February 21, 2020

News, Weather and Entertainment I

Since being creative isn't my obsessive top priority anymore, I have been looking for ways to pass the time by. Yes, I do plan on writing more novels and I need to get The Gambler Volume One possibly on BookBub. For those of you who don't know, I briefly had a site called were two of my novels were here on the web. Sadly, it wasn't getting the views and it cost me $10/month to keep it on. Plus, according to my research, online novels don't work well when done independently. That, or I'm doing it all wrong. The sad part is, doing research on BookBub and getting my novel online, I've been very lazy in that category. I need to get the motivation for that, as opposed to sitting on my ass and eating. No wonder why I got big man tits! Heh-heh...

On the 7th of February, I joined MistPlay and have been using it every day since. Mistplay is an app that gives you it's own currency (in gems) while playing the games it has to offer. Some games give you 2x, 3x or 4x more credits. So far, I've earned about 1800 credits, which give a $5 gift card to Amazon or Starbucks. Once I get to 3000 credits, I can get a $10 Nintendo Card. Yes, Mistplay can't make you rich and you'll be playing games (or letting it autoplay) for a while to earn some gems. Right now, I got Pop Slots going on auto while I type this. Another thing about MistPlay is that it will make your tablet or phone a little warm while running, so give it a break from time to time. I'm probably going to destroy both of those while doing this.

Spring Training is coming soon! I can't wait! I'll definitely be getting MLB.TV this season and watch a little more baseball. It's likey my Tigers are going to suck ass this year, but I'm just glad Baseball is coming back. Here in Michigan, we've been lucky for the winter. It has been warmer than usual. This week though, it has been quite cold. I kinda miss getting drunk on my patio on warm Sundays.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Astronomicon 3

I attended the 3rd Astronomicon in Sterling Heights, MI, my current city. I attended Sunday's event because I work 6 days a week and Sunday was my only day available. There was a bummer since Ex-Red Wing Darren McCarty was doing Saturday only. I'm not going to write a long descriptive deal here about my visit to Astronomicon, so here are the photos of me with celebs. Sadly for me, two of these photos feature my man tits sticking out like a sore thumb. I really need to build up my chest, or next time wear black. #fatbastard

Brian O'Halloran, Me and Jeff Anderson (Clerks)

Me without my mantits sagging and Anthony Michael Hall (The Breakfast Club)

Me and Thomas Ian Nichols (Rookie Of The Year)

Next time I visit Astronomicon (If I do, chances are good), I'll be wearing black or a jacket. I do need to lose some weight too.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Seeing the Port Huron Prowlers

A trip to see minor league hockey.

One of my New Year's resolutions was to attend a couple of minor league hockey games. For those who have followed me from WishesNetwork know that I'm from Detroit. We still have the Detroit Red Wings who won the Stanley Cup in 1997, 1998, 2002 and 2008. I was a big fan of the Red Wings during my teenage years and early adult years. I fell away from the Red Wings after Nick Lidstrom retired. You can expect Steve Yzerman, Sergei Fedorov, Darren McCarty and among a few others to play until the End of Time. As of this blog posting, the Red Wings are dead last in the NHL.

When it came to minor leagues, we had the Detroit vipers of the now-defunct IHL or International Hockey League. When they came to town, they said record attendance and we're competitive. They won the Turner Cup in 1987, just a few days before the Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup. The Vipers went bye-bye in 2001 and so did the international hockey league which was a double bummer. In 2007, the United Hockey League or Uhl did a revamp and name themselves that IHL. In fact, the "new" IHL had its headquarters in Rochester, Michigan. The "new" IHL didn't last long, it went bye-bye in 2010. Detroit had a UHL team in the mid-2000s called the Motor City mechanics and they got some Fame wench Chris Chelios and Darren Hatcher along with a couple of other Red Wing players participated in a few of their home games. It was also on a documentary featuring the now-defunct Roanoke IceHogs.

Recently in 2017, the Federal Hockey League started a team called does St Clair Shores Fighting Saints. I attended a couple of games. They play their home games at the St. Clair Shores Ice Arena. The Fighting Saints did poorly and they were in last place in the 2016-2017 FHLseason. The next year, they became to North Shore Knights where the team folded before the season was finished.

A photo of the Fighting Saints in 2017 vs. The Prowlers.

For Detroiters who enjoyed minor league hockey, one would have to travel about 40 miles Northeast to the historic small city of Port Huron. And early 60s, Port Huron built its own small Arena and has hosted a hockey team pretty much since 1962. But for the most part, besides the Port Huron Flags (1962-1981), hockey franchises don't stay long in that City. However, they seem to keep one there each year. In 2019 to 2020, the FPHL (formerly known as the FHL) has the Port Huron Prowlers. Ever since its foundation in 2015, the Prowlers have had winning seasons ever since. I also saw the Prowlers when they beat the Fighting Saints big time. Also, the Prowlers picked up a couple of Ex- Fighting Saints such as Zack Zulkanycz and Johnathan Juliano.

For this game on 17 January 2020, I decided to do a little tour of Port Huron first and I went to a bar called Tio Gordos to have some hard cider in a shot of Jose Cuervo. I walked to McMorran Arena with my printed ticket I bought via Ticketmaster for $16. Later to arrive and see I could have bought one for $11 at the box office.

This one is for me:

Before they allowed us in, I was talking to some of the fans and we were discussing minor league hockey and how the whole system works. It led to a discussion with somebody there saying that the OHL is at a higher level than the ECHL. I have always known that the OHL is a Junior League, and later research concluded that to be true. Plus, I didn't want to argue, I have noticed lately with people and also which side you lean on in politics, people are so hell-bent on being right. The Prowlers were hosting the lowly Battle Creek Rumble Bees, who at the time, were 1-28. According to a few folks, the franchise and team were put together within a couple of months.

The seats at McMorran Arena weren't comfortable for my thirty-seven-year-old ass and back, but I wasn't expecting comfortable seats anyway. I think the arena has the same seats since 1962. The first period started with the Rumble bees taking a 2-0 lead, but the Prowlers were able to tie it up by the end of the first.

The Prowlers have quite an interesting player on their team by the name of Joe Pace Jr. Pace junior is not only a defenseman, but he's also the coach and the GM of the team. His father Joe Pace senior was previously the head coach and GM. Senior was behind the bench when I saw the Prowlers as visitors when attending the SEC my second and Final Fighting Saints game. He got angry about a call in that game and start cussing at the refs. Apparently, he later found something better with a Prowlers competitor and it's behind the bench for them.

The second period was a little more exciting as the Prowlers scored 7 goals in the second, taking a commanding 9-2 lead. Some folks in the crowd behind the Battle Creek goalie begin to sass him a little. The third period wasn't So exciting in the goal-scoring category, but I had around the 12-minute mark, one of the Prowler players Tyler Becker went to the Battle Creek bench and cussed a few players out. Some later research led me to his hockey database profile, he had played for the Rumble Bees until he eventually made it to the Port Huron side. I suppose someone he didn't get along with pissed him off earlier and he wanted revenge.

The game's first star was Austin Fetterly who got a hat-trick. It was also his late father's birthday, so that was a good moment for him. After the game was over, I felt a little sorry for the Battle Creek Rumble Bees. It's kind of crappy to take the long trip to the arena, ending with you getting your ass kicked and handed it to you, then taking a long bus ride home. According to one of the folks I was talking to before the game started, the owner of the Prowlers also owns the Rumble Bees and is committed to keeping them around. Hopefully, things improve with the Rumble Bees.

Also, roller hockey is coming to Port Huron. I definitely want to check that out. And also, prior to walking into the arena, I saw a flyer with Fleetwood Mac and bright letters. I thought to myself in disbelief, Fleetwood Mac is coming here? I got closer to the flyer and it said a Fleetwood Mac tribute band. Wow!

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Investing into 2020

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Note: this following blog posting is about investing in the stock market and ETFs. If you plan on investing in what I say here, it's at your own risk.

One of the items I will be talking about in this great blog here is investing in the stock market. I started investing on 28th November 2017. That was the 10-year anniversary when I had a lovely experience of having a gun pointed at my head and the six-year anniversary of losing my fellow writer friend Justin Dwayne Foxworth. I started with Stash Capital and been on there since this blog posting. I begin investing in ETF's at first due to the fact that Stash didn't have much to offer in individual stocks. I started with investing in technology mainly and later got into bonds.

It wasn't until the summer of 2019 when I took a chance on individual stocks. After reading quite a lot about AT&T and stash later had it available. AT&T at this time of this blog posting pays a $0.52 dividend per share. From August until now, each month, I buy 1-2 shares of AT&T.

The year 2020 has started out pretty well for my portfolio. Another item worthy of mention is marijuana. Once the MJ fund became available on Stash, I bought a few shares at around $30. It got a bit hairy In late September when the marijuana sector along with Aurora cannabis went down big time. Since the time of this blog posting, the MJ fund went from around $16 to $18.50 as of 16 January 2020. I'm looking into the Cronos Group as a possible buy due to the fact that the cost per share is still under ten bucks. But I like to do some research on them first and look at their quarterly reports. For help with my future decisions is taking a look at this chart here. Also, Departures Capital is also helpful as a good chunk of the videos talks about the MJ business.

A mutual fund I've got a few dollars with is VGT or Vanguard Information Technology Fund (referred to American Innovators in Stash). When I started investing with Stash, American Innovators was one of the mutual funds I selected. I would put $5-10 a month on 1st in late 2017 to the end of 2018. It wasn't until early 2018 is when I would put $20-40 in it at a time. Another lowly fund I was investing in was CIBR (referred to Data Defenders in Stash). From November 2017 to early 2020, the fund went up 19% with 321 invested and paid $383, a $62 profit. I sold it and threw some of it into VGT. The CIBR fund had a very low dividend rate and the expense rate was nearly three times higher than the dividend rate. And speaking of funds similar to Data Defenders, I also invested in ROBO (Robots Rising) and SKYY (Cloud Nine), both are similar to Data Defenders with the low dividend payout, but SKYY has a bigger dividend payout. I'm going to keep these two around and my plan is to put more into ROBO until I see a go past 10%.

As of writing this article on 16th January 2020, I see that some of my stocks and funds are at 15% or higher and my portfolio is at 9%. My plan is to invest more with AT&T, Cisco, Wendy's and I'm looking at add more to the VCIT (Big Business Bonds: Medium-Sized on Stash). VCIT and a couple of other bonds pay each month. Plus also, I want to do some defensive investing for this year.

On 24th December 2018, the stock market took a serious crap. My portfolio went to negative 10% so, this good streak with the stock market while it's going, can go down. I'm expecting that soon.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The WishesNetwork EAS scenarios that sucked.

Note: This was originally going to be out on 10 Jan 2020, however, the news of Neil Peart's death kinda gummed to works here. 

As some of you would know, I had a two-and-a-half-year run doing EAS scenarios on YouTube. In my first half-year, I refer it to season one. Then the following two years as season 2 and 3. Season ones EAS vids were mostly short, not going past the 10-minute mark. It wasn't until Power Failure / Prison Break where I made them long-form. In today's blog posting, we (or actually just I) we'll discuss those piss-poor EAS scenarios I made.

NORAD System Malfunction (season one)

As of 9 January 2020, this one has surpassed 1,200 views and the number of thumbs downs is quite close to the number of thumb ups. With this one, I tried to be serious while being funny at the end, one commenter said my attempt at being funny sucked and I have to agree. And this scenario, to automated missile silos, launches missiles due to a computer malfunction at NORAD. The Department of Defense sends F-16s to shoot missiles at the missiles from the launch facilities and destroying them. The mission is successful and the EAS voice says you can change your underwear now. I received a few comments that what happens in the scenario isn't realistic. In conclusion, this one doesn't get the WishesNetwork stamp of approval.

Weeds Season 3 Finale (season two)

One of the things I wanted to do was that each last scenario of a season would be a flow blown comedy scenario. I did that with Soundboard Hack at the end of season one. I'm a big fan of the now-defunct show Weeds that ran from 2005 to 2012. I, trying to be funny again, decided to go for a scenario involving weeds. This one is based in 2007 and it features the late father of Rod Cambridge. Realistically, I took Rod's voice and knocked the pitch down. It also had audio clips of season 3, including Kevin Nealon playing the banjo. I voiced Theo Gilly who sounds like a damn moron. What a lot of folks were expecting part 3 of The Toxic Spill / Zombies scenario, in which I put that out a month later. Another bummer for this scenario was when I was about finished with it, the Paradise Fire happened. Perhaps I shouldn't have put this one out. People ain't digging this one, it has less than a thousand views as of this blog posting.

Great Lakes Bomber (season three)

New Year's Day 2019 was supposed to start with Toxic Spill / Zombies 3, but I put it out on 20th December 2018 as a Christmas gift. Great Lakes Bomber was my attempt to make an EAS scenario combined with an FBI Files type deal, and boy, I didn't do too good with this. This one features quite a few phone calls and an interrogation scene in audio-only where I play the suspect getting pistol-whipped by a female character voiced by a computer. I also provide the voice of a female character and I do a piss-poor job of that too. I was working on this beginning in February 2019 and it took a little too long due to some events going on in April / May of that year. Perhaps I should have tossed this one into the trash.

Neil Peart (1952-2020)

Over on YouTube, on the same day as the news of Neil Peart's death, I didn't have all the time in the world to make a post about the subject at hand. When I had some time, I made a YouTube video:

So now, I have a little time to make a post of the late Mr. Peart. Like I said in the video, I became a fan of Rush when I was 10 in 1992. When I had sat shotgun in my aunt's car, WCSX, one of the few (at the time) classic rock station would be playing. I became a fan of Journey, later a fan of Boston and Rush. The first song I heard from Rush was Closer To The Heart and I thought it was a woman singing the song. Later to hear Tom Sawyer and I noticed it was a man with a high pitched voice. I thought Rush was at least a 5-piece band and later was amazed that Rush was actually a trio.

At the end of the 4th grade, I got the news that I would be going to a regular class instead of Special Ed (I commonly refer to a regular class as General Population). In the summer of 1993, I discovered Stone Temple Pilots "Plush" and my love for Journey took a back seat. I became a fan of STP, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains. When I got to 5th grade, loving all these grunge bands got me popular in school, somewhat. With all my "grunge" fans, I tried to get them interested in Journey, but they weren't biting. If you asked me in the summer of 1993 if Rush was still around, I'd say they weren't. Then one of my friends said, "Hey, did you hear the new Rush album?" Which at the time was Counterparts. Rush was still around and was still approachable to the grunge crowd. I remember seeing the "Stick It Out" video and seeing how the three guys of Rush looked like regular guys in their 50s (I thought they were in their 50s, but all three of them were just stepping Over The Hill at the time). I thought it was very cool that these guys who look like bankers are rocking and rolling.

From 1993 to 1998, I began to slowly buy albums of Rush, and when I got to Signals, it blew me away and Rush has become my favorite band since 1998.  My favorite era of Rush is their 80s stuff, going from Moving Pictures to Presto. Of course, Permanent Waves was released in 1980 and it's a good album, it sounds more 70s to me (it was recorded in 1979). I like keyboards and synths, so when they used more of it in the 80s, it became more of my liking. I've seen Rush 7 times, wish I saw them more.

Anyways, I could talk forever about Rush but I'll make this the last paragraph. It's a bummer that we lost Neil Peart and I must live life without him in this sick world (sometimes I wish I wasn't in this world, April/May 2019 was a good example). 

Friday, January 3, 2020

Visiting The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame / The Christmas Story House

Between Christmas and New Year's, I take a day trip usually to the thumb area of Michigan. I also usually do this during summer shutdown until 2019 when I got promoted at my job and I didn't see time off during the shutdown. The Only Exception besides this one was I went to Muskegon to visit my brother and my new nephew who was born in October 2018. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to me is a joke. One of the big pioneers of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is Rolling Stone magazine. Back when I was in my preteen too early teenage years, I would read Rolling Stone magazine as it would have news and interviews of some of my favorite grunge bands out there. I began to lose interest, mainly due to more political articles they had on there.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame cost $26 for an adult to enter. They also have a restaurant there that serves craft beer. They didn't have any Angry Orchard so I wasn't interested. The building has four levels with the basement level having a majority of the artifacts. It mainly starts with the 40s and 50s music and you eventually get to the 90s. One exception though, in the Elvis area, there was a separate room dedicated to the former Vans Warped World Tour. That's where I got the news that the tour ended in 2018. Kind of wish I attended one of those now, too late! Since I'm not a big fan of most music before 1970, I passed through the beginning arrows displays rather quickly. My least favorite genre of music is surf rock, that music makes me depressed.

In one section of the basement (as I call it), they had a wall dedicated to the Beatles and on the other wall, the Rolling Stones. I took an interest in the following:

Also, in the basement were some touch screen computers with information on one-hit wonders, hits from the 50s to the 90s and also legendary radio DJs from the 50s to mm by major city. With Detroit in the 1990s, it showed Big Daddy Arthur P who was with WRIF from 1971 - 2009. It also showed Terry "Motormouth" Young. He was in the Detroit area from the mid-80s until 1991 or 1982. He was a part of the fox 99.5 which played pop hits all the way until Christmas Eve 1992. On that day, did there's some special about killing the fox and it ended with a scary computer voice countdown from 63,752 to 1. About a week later, the station went to talk for a few months. After that, it went to country where it remains as of late December 2019. Apparently, Terry young is a part of Sirius XM on the 60s Channel now.

After the radio info screen, I advanced further into the basement to see an 80s rock and metal section and also a Grunge music section. Although looking at some of the stuff from the 60s was good, I felt a little more at home.

Also, in the basement was a small movie theater presenting a 30-minute documentary about American Bandstand. At first, I was thinking about Michael Moore when he confronted Dick Clark in Bowling for Columbine, the next his final Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin’ Eve.

American Bandstand started somewhere in the early 50s and ended when I was 7 (in 1989). Although I'm not a big fan of the 50s 60s and early 70s music (as they showed that in the beginning), it was very interesting to see all that. I got more interested in the 1980s previews on that movie though. Been getting a little repetitive with my love for 80s music, eh? Fast-forwarding a little bit, before I left the basement, I saw the Sirius XM broadcasting room for Rachel Steele broadcast on weekdays 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. on channel 25. She happened to be on vacation that day. Bummer, I wanted to see that in action.

The second story had The Garage where one can practice on the guitar, bass or drums. There happened to be some young musicians at the other end of the garage playing Enter Sandman by Metallica. The third story had a display for the 2019 entries of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Two personal favorites are Stevie Nicks and Def Leppard. Other "sort-of" favorites are Radiohead and Roxy Music. Radiohead is one of those bands I should listen to do to my enjoyment of psychedelic Rock, but all I can do is Creep. With Roxy Music, all I know is more than this, a very good track from Vice City and a minor hit called Avalon. I also got to vote for candidates for 2020. However, I think Rolling Stones will take their own picks regardless.

I had to get a picture of me and Rush. Sadly didn't get Neil though.

Let's go to The Christmas Story House, shall we? I left the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after being in there for 2 and 1/2 hours. I walked around Cleveland for a while and later searched for some Mediterranean food. Google lead me to a place that was closing at 3 pm. I got there at 2:20 to see a closed at 2 p.m., with two written over three on their holiday hours sign. I took an Uber to the Christmas Story House Dulce free parking was available at Bumpas' house, Motherfuker!

One had to buy a ticket at the gift shop. The line was about 20 minutes long and the clerk who sold me the ticket it seemed pissed off. I got to go inside and view the house and took some photos.

Then some of the upstairs, I got to visit Ralphie and Randy's room. Visited the bathroom too with Ralphie's Journal, don't forget to drink your Ovaltine. I also got to use the phone too...

And the backyard, waiting for Black Bart.

The museum across the street was more like a behind-the-scenes look to the movie, with photos and letters from 1983.

I took an Uber back to downtown but stopping at Buffalo Wild Wings first. I was hoping that somebody was sitting at the bar, I wanted to have a chat with a Clevelander. Instead, I chatted with the female server with a lip piercing. We didn't say much to each other. I said that I was from Detroit. She asked if I was going anywhere else after this, I said I was taking a scenic route back home. After I was done with my late lunch, I thought about going for a ride on the trolley. Is stopped a block away from me, I tried to walk quickly to it but it drove off, damn. I walked back to my parked car and took off on State Route 2, which also becomes State Route 20 and US Highway 6. I stopped at Huntington Beach to enjoy some of the unusually warm weather on December 26th.

I kept traveling down U.S. Highway 6, (State routes 2 and 20 split off) and passed by Avon Lake, Sheffield Lake, Lorain, Vermilion, and Huron. Route 6 was nice for a 40 mile per hour ride without people really slowing down or stopping. Unlike in Macomb County Michigan, people so down for no reason or drive under the speed limit most times and not. I eventually ran into State Route 2 and took it all the way to Oregon, Ohio. A town I pass by on route to was Bono. When I passed it up, it didn't look like a happening type of place. Heck, there is a small sign that shows the town name. But according to Google, the bar is a pretty happening place. During this whole time, I was driving on Route 2, I was able to drive study with no slow down when the road was going straight. Route 2 does have some twists and turns where you have to slow down. I've been on Michigan country roads where they are paved smoothly with hardly any twists and turns. And for some reason, drivers slow down for no reason or drive 10 miles under the speed limit.

I arrived to the Golden Corridor area where I live, and of course, somebody on Hall Road at a stale green light hits the brakes. Seems that Ohio drivers are better than us Michiganders.