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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

My Time At Treehouse

For those who don't know, Treehouse is an online school where For as low as $25 a month, you get access to videos to help you learn programming. I learned JavaScript, PHP, WordPress development, and web development. I learned all that and I'm using Google's blogger to Hostess blog, haha. I was with treehouse on and off starting in 2014 and pulling a plug altogether in 2019. One of the contributing factors was the promotion I received in my so-called professional life. That and I was delivering food part-time. Recently Treehouse had changed his ways. Take a look here.

Treehouse has 3-20 minute videos for its way to teach. For instance, and I might be a bit incorrect with this, but the PHP class I started out with was a total of 4 hours long. It was divided into six sections. Each section would have an average of 4 videos a couple of Q&A and a couple of code challenges. Treehouse gives you points for fishing what they throw at you. You get one point each for videos you watch, 6 for a Q&A finish and 12 points for a coach challenge finished. You also get 30 points for each section you finish. Again, This was a system as of 2019, things may have changed. In my five years on and off at Treehouse, I got over 30,000 points.

I made a few websites during those five years, including a blog about the 80s and 90s music. I also did a blog about old school baseball video games and I did a website for Wishesnetwork. Sadly, all that time having those websites up, I hardly made to her views a month and the numbers just keep decreasing. From 2016 to early 2019, I was paying a yearly fee for domains and a monthly fee for hosting. Sick of losing cash and just overall sick of being creative (sans WishesNetwork until late 2019), I pulled the plug in April 2019.

The lack of website hits is not the fault of Treehouse. I suppose I suck at SCO / advertising or people weren't so interested in it old school baseball games website or an 80s and 90s music website, We have YouTube now. Also, it seems that Wix, GoDaddy, and Squarespace are taking over where development was at. Think about it, You have a business and you need a website these days, more than likely you'll be going to one of these aforementioned three, opposed to a web developer like me who wants more money and need some time to make the website.

This food delivery is not going so well in the southern Macomb County area of Metro Detroit (for Me at least, I'm part-time). I'm looking to return to online school for bookkeeping. Treehouse doesn't offer that. So I'm going through for that kind of help. 

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